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Research Program

Our laboratory is interested in proteins involved in control of mammalian cell growth and differentiation. A major project in the laboratory focuses on the Id proteins. Id proteins are small helix-loop-helix (HLH) proteins which are thought to act as dominant-negative regulators of transcription factors which regulate cellular differentiation and growth in a number of cell lineages. Id proteins interact with these and other regulatory proteins to affect their activities, and have recently been implicated in tumorigenesis and angiogenesis. We are investigating the mechanisms of action of the four mammalian Id proteins (Id1-4). We have identified proteins which interact with these proteins and thus represent targets for Id protein regulation. On the other hand, some of the interacting proteins represent proteins which may regulate Id protein activities. One such protein, JAB1, is a subunit of a large protein complex called the COP9 signalosome. This complex is implicated in cell cycle regulation and cell signaling. We are currently investigating the consequences of the Id-JAB1 interaction in cells. Our long-term goal is to define the importance of these and other regulatory proteins in the control of growth and differentiation, and to devise ways of controlling these activities.


Selected Publications

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